2023 OGHA: Choosing A Prudent and Committed Aspirant For Abeokuta North, Hon Oluseye (HAO) Is The Answer

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Dear Delegates,

It is no more news that the primaries to chose candidates that will represent our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is drawing nearer daily. Neither is it news that many aspirants have come out to express their interest to contest our party’s ticket. What will be news however is if we fail the party by electing wrong candidates among the plethora of aspirants vying for different positions.

As we file out to vote, we must bear in mind that the destiny of our party and people is in our hands. We must be fair, transparent and work in good fate for the great people of Abeokuta North and interest of the party.

We must remember that our choices and decisions will have far-reaching effects. Good product advertises itself and when one has it one shall be proud of it any day, anytime and anywhere, because it comes with no stain or blemish.

At this point in time of our political life in Abeokuta North State Constituency, Hon. Akeem Oluseye (HAO) is the ideal candidate that can be acceptable to all categories of electorates, both in the party and for general election.

Hon. Akeem Oluseye’s journey into politics is borne out of his unquenchable love for humanity and a quest for a better society. The record of his activities within the party before, during and after the 2019 general elections that produce Prince Dapo Abiodun as the governor of Ogun State is open to every party loyalists. The records can be tracked to present day.

To all our delegates who will be participating in the Assembly primary election, I’m convinced and have the belief that you have in one way or the other had an encounter with Hon. Akeem Oluseye. He is a man we can trust with the position and won’t regret our choice.

Hon. Akeem Oluseye is open and available to everyone across all divides. We appeal to all delegates to reciprocate the good gesture of HAO in this coming primary election as you all did during his consultation tour.

With HAO, a better Abeokuta North we all envisioned is achievable. He is young, prudent and has the capacity to represent us well in the state assembly.

Hon Akeem Oluseye (HAO)

Ogun state House of Assembly aspirant,

Abeokuta North.

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