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By Dotun Oladipupo

For those who really know me, they’ll know that if not for the ongoing road construction along Abeokuta Imeko road which has now made the alternative a journey of at least three and half hours, I’ll probably be in Imeko today to welcome the governor despite my physical limitations not on any official capacity but for communal love and the “me in me” that will never change.

However, as I was going home from work to at least catch up with one of the three TV shows that even my seven years old son is now familiar with; journalist hangout, politics today and sky sports news. I was surprised to see that TVC news is live in the holy city of Imeko as well as Channels TV covering the inauguration of Oke Ola road in Imeko, Imeko Afon local government.

I am not one who patronizes or praises sing on anything at all, definitely not a 2 km road but that will not be politically correct and I am not aiming to be but comparatively if you measure this with eight years of the past government where Imeko Afon benefited only two “gadders”, the Ilara portion of the Ilara Ijoun stretch, one will say Governor Dapo Abiodun has done fairly well if that is the standard.

Politically and with an eye on the second term, it is strategic rightly or wrongly to take two of the most popular private TV stations to inaugurate a 2km road, a stretch that not until after OGD’s administration used to be LG chairmen’s projects and achievements but time and reality have changed especially financially and prosperity of our country and states, there is no luxury of a billion naira per kilometer road any longer. If you ask me, the fanfare is not worth it but it is politics and I can understand.

On the other hand, I can understand the excitement of the people as the governor pointed out, it’s been over 15 years since the people of Imeko saw a brand new road and that will be Imeko Ilara road during OGD administration but I can’t understand the rolling out of drums by the Dapo Abiodun led Ogun state government (I think they know, reason none of the speakers amplified the number of kms, if it was a long a stretch, you know how deafening the numbers will be) but since politics cannot be separated from governance in our clime so I want to excuse the Dapo Abiodun politics and intent to make the best out of his first official visit to Imeko since the elections to further maximize the political relationship and clout of a strong three-time gubernatorial candidate who is now the house of representatives candidate of the party in the federal constituency.

While the people of Imeko Afon local government are grateful for the 2km road at least comparatively, they didn’t allow the visit to pass without legitimately asking for a deserved more in 1. Imeko Oke Agbede-Iwoye road, 2. a commissioner seat at the state executive council.

Locally, as they say, all politics are local, it will take many more years of sustained de-marketing, and sponsored propaganda to take the shine off GNI in his country home, man is still well-loved despite all that is going on on and off the scenes.

The gentle mien and graciousness of the governor is really working for him, he ticked all the boxes of infectious pleasantness when met, I may be wrong though but he felt at home in Imeko and exhibited that pleasantness and calmness.

The inauguration didn’t pass without the vintage delivery and dance steps of eighty-five-year-old mama Pekele, Chief Mary Ogunjobi, a former commissioner and of course our people can savour firsthand our governor’s vintage beard.

Finally, the governor maintained that Agbara Lusada is the most expensive singular road the administration is constructing, a good one there.

Dotun Oladipupo, a native of Idofa, Imeko Afon Local Government writes via

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