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Workers in the junior cadre of the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) has been Charged to be more dedicated to work as well as be mindful of all Covid -19 protocol and guidelines at their various departments.

The Permanent Secretary, Teaching Service Commission, Mrs. Mojisola Dosunmu gave the charged during a one day in- house training titled ” Ethics of the Civil Servant and Understanding Covid-19 in the work place” held at the Commissions’ Conference Room in Oke- Mosan Abeokuta.

The Permanent Secretary, represented by the Director of Information TESCOM, Mr. Kehinde Onasanya said the capacity building was aimed at enhancing the capability of the junior staff as well as instilled in them honesty, integrity, loyalty and good character as stipulated by the Public Service Rule(PRS) not leaving out the Covid-19 guidelines that should be strictly observed while carrying out their official duties.

Urging the participants to pay rapt attention to the two facilitators, in person of Mrs. Kehinde Idowu and Dr. Solomon Sokunbi a director in the Hospital Services, Ogun State Ministry of Health, Dosunmu appreciated the Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun for granting the approval for the training as well as seeing the need for the State workforce to be more conscious of the deadly virus while on official duties.

” The Governor has found it so important and imperative the enhancement of the State Civil Service through capacity building reason why Prince Dapo Abiodun graciously approved the training for the junior staff in the Commission as well as seeing the need for the State workforce to be more conscious by following all the Covid-19 guidelines while on official duties”. Dosunmu said.

Speaking on Ethics of Civil Service, the Director, Management Services and Zonal Administration, Mrs Idowu Kehinde said every civil servant must be efficient and effective for the actualization of the State government mantra in every sector of the state economic, adding that doing this, work ethics must be strictly adhere to in accordance with the PSR.

Kehinde said to perform optimally in any government establishment, attendance, punctuality, appearance and teamwork has been identify as a major tools of any organisations development, saying that lateness to work, loitering, leaving file unattended to, sleeping on duty, buying and selling during office hours, absconding from office, impolite attendant to government clients could be regarded as a gross misconduct according to the PSR.

She said good character, attitudes, cooperation, good communication skills, productivity and respect for one another should be emulated by the state workforce, pointing out that senior officers in the civil servant should not be seen using vulgar languages against his or her subordinates.

In his presentation the Director in the department of Hospital Services, Ministry of Health, Dr. Solomon Sokunbi, said while carrying out official duties, irrespective of ones level, such must observed all the Covid-19 guidelines laid down by the National Center for Disease Control(NCDC), adding that doing this would keep the work environment a safe place for people to transact businesses and carried out government activities.

Sokunbi represented by Dr. Sodehinde Samod, said part of the precautions needed includes using of face masks, regular watching of hands, creating social distance as well as making sure that all offices are well ventilated, adding that it was more saver to put off the air conditional and open the windows in a crowded spaces to further keep the virus away.

Sokunbi said it is better to start leaving by whatever covid-19 presented to us by observing the guidelines thoroughly, making sure alcohol base hand sanitizers was available at any given time, saying that they should be highly conscious of not touching their nose, mouth and eye with their fingers to avoid been infected by the disease.

While urging the State government to encourage other Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) to under go such trainings, Sokunbi said Covid-19 symptoms was similar to that of Malaria, advising all participants to report symptoms such as sour throat, dry cough, high temperature among other related malaria symptoms to the nearest health facilities or visit the state Ministry of Health for quick intervention.

He said taking of hot water, garlic, Ginger and lemon could reduced the effect of the symptoms, adding that, no clinical research has been proven that taken the above could cure the deadly virus.

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