Covid 19 Update: Schools, Airports safe to be Re-opened…Chairman PTF Covid 19.

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The Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 have approved the re-opening of schools to allow students in graduating classes resume in-person in preparation for examinations.

This was made known to journalist today during a press briefing in Abuja on the Covid 19 update.The Taskforce also approved the safe reopening of domestic aviation services as soon as practicable.

The inter state traveling restriction have been lifted.”Permission of movement across State borders only outside curfew hours with effect from 1st July, 2020.”

Other considerations from the Taskforce include,Enforcement of laws around non-pharmaceutical interventions by States, in particular, the use of face masks in public places;Publication of revised guidelines around the three thematic areas of general movement, industry and labour; and community activities; Provision of technical support for states to mobilise additional resources for the response;Strengthening partnerships with States, Local Governments, traditional rulers, community/religious leaders and civil society to ensure increased public awareness and compliance with preventive guidelines;Encouraging State governments to empower Local Government Authorities to intensify contact tracing efforts and ensure stronger grassroots mobilisation to support the response.

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