Covid-19:Ogun State Government Effort is Commendable… Chief Obansajo.

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The effort of the Ogun state government on the spread of Covid-19 was commended at the weekend despite the economic and social effect.
This was made known by the formal president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo at the 2020 Sobo Sowemimo Annual Lecture organised by the Abeokuta Club.
He said,”we must commend the efforts of the governments for the measures they had taken to deal seriously with the issue after the initial politicized and badly handled palliative measures.”
He also added that as the lockdown is reduced,we are not totally free from the pandemic.
“Although restriction is being lifted, we are not out of the woods yet.  Awareness-raising must continue and we must disabuse the minds of the ordinary people who are being made to believe that COVID-19 is not real or that it is the disease of the rich.  They must be conscious of the fact that the disease has no social or economic limitation or barrier.  It can afflict anybody no matter his or her age, gender, profession or trade, social or economic standing.  We must not let down our guard because we may not have our guard because we may not have reached the peak yet.  If the epicenter has moved from China in Asia to Europe to North America and now to Brazil in South America, Africa may or may not escape being an epicenter.  And even then, we must be prepared for the possibility of a second wave.”
The formal president said he hoped that a vaccine will soon be available as some human trials are already going on. 
He encouraged the people to adhere to medical advice on preventive measures.”We should scrupulously observe the regulations and restrictions: hand-washing with soap for at least 20 seconds, sanitizing, maintaining 1metre (3feet) social distance between yourself and others, wearing masks and avoiding large congregation or gathering.  In short, keeping safe.”

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