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…charge them to be more responsible in discharging their duties.

Media professionals in South West were brought together in Abeokuta the Ogun capital,for a 3-day workshop on,”The Convergence Journalism”,by Dangote Group and Folio Media,publisher of Daily Times Newspaper few days ago.
The media professionals were drawn from credible media organizations, Public Relation and media Executives for the purpose of training in modern day media production skills.
One of the facilitators of the workshop,Lekan Otufodunrin,a media trainer and counsellor,said media practitioners must go beyond traditional media practice with the increasing information demand of media audience.
Otufodunrin advised practitioners to see Social media as a means to build personal profile that will enable them to reach out beyond their establishment.

Dr Jide Johnson,a well known teacher of Journalism and media practice told the participants that technological development has made every journalist to become a global correspondent.
“Media is a strong business empire in the economy of any nation,and it should not be left to charlatans and opinion writers.If journalists take back seats on their professional responsibilities, information will be perverted.The media is the forth Estate because it is important as the executive, legislative and judiciary.”
In addition,Dr Victor Ogwezzy,a media expert and trainer,who was also among the facilitators of the workshop, said journalists need to see the commercial angle of their profession.He said media practitioners should see marketing as everyone responsibility.”The Surviver of your establishment should be important to you.The placement of advert and publicity should be everybody concern,not just the people at the advert department,that is the only way for the media business to survive.”
A representative of Dangote Group,Mr Sunday Esan said the workshop is part of his organization corporate Social Responsibility as a responsible establishment.He charged media practitioners to be more responsible and professional in the discharge of their civil duties.
He stated that the event was hosted in Abeokuta as the host state capital of Dangote Cement Factory,Ibese,the biggest in Nigeria and West Africa.
Mr Esan sought for good media relationship between his establishment and media practitioners in providing the right information to the people.
He said the professional well-being of practitioners was the focus of the workshop and would see to more partnership and workshop to have a robust relationship.

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