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…you can go as far as you believe…Chief Mrs Alaba Lawson, Iyalode of Yoruba Land.

The Ogun state gathering of “DISCO 4 WOMEN CONFERENCE 2022” have called for gender equality and career balancing in our society.

This was the submission of Mrs Angela Olanrewaju, Head Branding and Corporate Communication of  Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) on Tuesday 23rd of August.

The event held in Abeokuta,the Ogun State capital brought various women from all works of life, with the aim of breaking barriers of limitations in present day working environments.

Discussing issues surrounding carrier opportunities for women, Mrs Olanrewaju said despite the bias against female gender, women can reach their goal with focus and determination.

She said,”Professionalism is a key to break gender barriers. What a man can do, a woman can do it better. A woman that is very professional in her duty, providing result, she will definitely be commended. Result is what people want to see. The easiest way to break gender barriers is to be focus on your goals, and be positive in your thinking. Believe that success is possible and achievable.”

The keynote speaker, the Iyalode of Yorubaland, Chief Mrs Alaba  Lawson ,while delivering a paper on the theme “Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Optimizing Career Opportunities “, said ,” you can go as far as you believe. Your believe and determination , with your inner strength will determine how far you can go.”

Chief Lawson said glass ceiling was not peculiar to African society, but the determination of people have helped to break , shatter and destroy the glass ceiling so as to be free.

She said, “glass ceiling affect individuals, organizations, businesses and the society by limiting diversity . It creates lack of representation for women and other minorities in leadership roles or decision making and executive positions.”

Chief Lawson advised that for anyone to break the glass ceiling,” you have to strengthen your network of connection. Get connected with co-workers , either you are still together or their have moved to a better place. Keep in touch through phone calls, emails, social media and other connections “

She also added that,” discipline is very important in breaking the glass ceiling. People who have shattered the glass ceilings were very disciplined people. They are people who are goal oriented, who don’t take no for an answer. They have disciplined themselves to be focus and not to be distracted, especially in the face of limitations and gender biases.”

The Regional Head of IBEDC, Dr Ademola Adewumi noted that the company is committed to give equal opportunities to the feminine gender with various trainings and workshops. He said the conference have overtime impacted positively to the female workforce of the company breaking the barriers of limitations and various stereotypes.

He also added that IBEDC frowned against discrimination of any kind, and will do everything possible to protect the rights of her staffs.

The event was an annual program supported by USAID for the development of women in male dominated professions.

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