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…launches application BBSNCONNECT.COM , easy and fastest way to get blood 

The life saving act of donating blood should not have monetary benefit, but for the sole purpose of making someone alive.

This was the summation of Prof Anthony Emeribe of the University Teaching Hospital Calabar , during the 10th Annual Scientific Conference and Investiture, organized by the Blood Bank Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Branch.

Prof Emeribe explained that as important as the blood is to the human, inadequate of it is a big challenge in saving life.

He said, “Blood as we all know is life, donor blood is very critical in managing medical conditions; whether it is child bearing or road traffic accident, even diseases like leukemia, donor blood is required to improve the health of such a patient.

In Nigeria, we still have the challenge of inadequate donor blood to fill the shelf as required in the country. As a matter of fact, the projection is that we require 1.5million units of blood each year. We are yet to get 40% of that need. “

He added that,” Most of the blood donors are remunerated which should not be the case. The ideal we are advocating for is to have non-remunerated blood donors. Blood donors who have that incentive to give blood so as to support life without any financial expectation. Donors who are doing it for patients they don’t know, rather than those doing it for the money they will collect. When a donor is targeting monetary compensation, you are not sure of the quality of the blood.

The BBSN chairman of Lagos state chapter, Dr Thomas Fabunmi added that ,“Getting a voluntary donor is very difficult in this part of the world.We are left with no option than to get donors with financial benefit.

However, we are working on that as an association to encourage people to donate blood with the aim of saving life not for financial benefit.

Our members are encouraged to give gifts to donors instead of financial benefit as it is done in other countries. The gift is usually a package of beverages, and it has been working for us.”

Dr Bodunrin Osikomaya, the Executive Secretary of Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service (LSBTS) charged the public to embrace blood donation, as a good way to save life.

She said ,”anyone can donate blood as long as it is safe and the person is healthy, after going through some tests. Though, majority of blood donors are male, I can tell you categorically that women also donate blood. Women that are not breastfeeding, not menstruated at that period, and not pregnant can donate blood.”

Dr Osikomaya charged practitioners to embrace automation for quality service of blood transfusion. She added that,” we need to be focused and take progressive steps to ensure that there is automation in every aspect of blood transfusion service.

Automation may be expensive, but it makes the system effective and reliable. It gives reproducible results, and makes blood safe.”

The event was also used by BBSN to launch an application called BBSNCONNECT. 

It’s an application that can be downloaded from google play or play store. 

According to Dr Fabunmi, the application was necessary considering the challenges of accessing blood and where it can be found. He explained that,”The logistics that someone needs blood in Oshodi , and the blood is available in Ikorodu, and to get it at night.

Any health care facility or medical personnel, even a relative of a patient can download the app and click on it, check their location to see the list of blood bankers in that area. It will also show the type and quantity of blood available at that time. You click on it and make a request. Once you make a request, you will be asked if you want to pick it up or you want it delivered? We have a logistics company that helps in the delivery of the blood. The payment is made online and the delivery is done immediately.”

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