Female Medical laboratory Scientists are significant in nation building…Dr (Mrs) Adesola Olalekan, University of Lagos

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…women should join hands together to assist each other to attain greater heights…Mrs Itua, Chairperson Lagos AFMSN

The female scientists in the medical laboratory practice have been described as a significant factor in building every nation. This was the submission of Dr Mrs Adesola Olalekan, senior lecturer at the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, at the Second Scientific Conference of Association of Female Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria(AFMLS), Lagos State branch.

Dr Mrs Olalekan posited that the female scientists are so multi tasked, playing a significant role in the smallest unit of the society, which is the family, also as a professional with many responsibilities.

She examined the profiling of practitioners and professionalism of the female scientists, as key factors in contributing to nation development. 

Dr Mrs Olalekan added that “for anyone to contribute to the development of a nation, you must have good characters like team work, honesty, integrity, hard work, consistency and so on. All this characters will boost our profile which will go a long way in meeting up the national health policy our nation.”

She highlighted some challenges of women in the laboratory science practice like sexual abuse, gender inequality, family commitments, which affect the job outputs.

The chairperson of the Lagos State branch of AFMLS, Mrs Itua K Faith said “the purpose of the conference is to bring the women together and identify the setbacks and limitations that is not allowing female practitioners from doing what they should do to contribute to nation building. We are here to strengthen each other, encourage each other and help each other in achieving our goals and objectives in contributing to the nation.”

She added that,” the conference will help practitioners to help themselves, our profession, and the nation .”

Mrs Itua emphasized that one of the major challenges of the women is the ability to love one another. She explained that,” when a woman is at the top in most cases,  there is a tendency of pulling down of other women or limiting where others can get to. For the fact that I’m the boss today does not mean I should pull you down, or prevent you from moving forward. It’s unfortunate but that is the reality. Our expectation is that such notion will change after this conference.”

Responding to the threading syndrome of Japaism, she said it’s very unfortunate as it has affected the practice negatively with shortage of practitioners in various places.

Mrs Itua said as much as it is desirable to look for greener pastures, moving out to develop other nation is not patriotic to our nation. She added that ,”if we don’t build our nation, who will build it for us?”

She called on government to come provide  better business working environment, good health policy that will encourage practitioners to contribute positively to nation building.

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