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Traditional worshippers across the State of Osun, on Tuesday, said that Ifa has endorsed the actions of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, adding that there has been no form of deviation from the right tracks in his approach to governance.

The traditional institution also pledged their support for the administration of Governor Oyetola, adding that he had extended a hand of fellowship to their institution and made them feel acceptable.

Speaking at the special prayer session for the government and people of the State of Osun, held at the State Secretariat, Abeere, Osogbo, the Araba Awo of Osogbo land, Ifayemi Elebuibon, lauded Oyetola for continuing on the God-approved path in spite of challenges.

He said: “There are a number of outlines that Ifa has given as a guide for this government, and we are happy that the government of Governor Oyetola is still on track. It has not derailed.

“With these positive strides, we are grateful to God and we pray that God will help this administration through its tenure”, Elebuibon stated.

Also speaking at the event, Ajana Awo of Osogbo and the Secretary of Traditional Religion Worshippers Association, State of Osun, Dr Oluseyi Atanda, lauded Oyetola for his approach to governance, adding that Ifa said he is doing well.

According to Atanda: “Mr Oyetola is not perfect, but he is doing well. He is doing his best to actualize his electoral promises in the areas of education, health, worker’s welfare, especially with the payment of salaries and pensions. He is doing some good things within the ambit of what is available to his government.

“Above all, we as traditionalists always have a divination process for the State, and this is not something that anybody can manipulate. If he is not doing well, Ifa will say so.

“The Ifa that has come for the State this year is ‘ejiogbe’, and anyone who knows about divination will know that when ifa comes as ejiogbe, it is time to take the drums and celebrate. So far, Ifa says he is doing well.

“Part of the positives also is that the State will benefit from feminism. So, we will encourage Mr Governor to continue to encourage the women folk because the State has a lot to benefit from them”, Atanda stated.

Atanda also pledged the support of the traditional institution for the Oyetola-led government of the State of Osun.

He continued: “As long as the government has extended a hand of fellowship to the traditional institution, we are bound to also respond overwhelmingly. And that is why are here today to worship and offer prayers.

“This government has dealt with us with open arms, and so we will continue to support this government, and pray for the progress of the State so that it can move forward.

“Osun may not be as rich as we desire, but our Governor is doing magic. He is finding a way round paucity of funds in the State and still making things happen. This, for instance, lend credence to the power of prayers, oneness and unity. So, we will continue to support him”, Atanda added.

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