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By Isaac Thomson

The power tussle in the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Lagos State, and perceived involvement of politicians calls for caution.

The union like any other unions is bound to have internal crisis, but the roles of the state government may go a long way to either solve the problem or encourage impunity to continue in the state.

NURTW is an association that is guided by the constitution. Therefore, everybody should abide by the letter of such documents.

Though the state government should ensure the lives and properties of Lagosians are secured, but should not dabble into the politics of the union.

The government should allow the internal mechanisms of the association to be operational, especially at this period.

If the state Chairman, who is under the National President refused to bow to such constituted authority, what lesson is he preaching to his subordinate?

MC Oluomo should not think he can go against the authority of his seniors and still expect respect from the local branches under him.

I remembered vividly, the way the national body dealt with Kunle Poly when he acted against the authority of Oluomo. That singular act kept Kunle Poly under check for a long time.

I was shocked to see him asking the Lagos State government to take over the parks and garages.
He possibly knew that he will benefit from such arrangements.

He should be told to go and settle with his superiors or put his house in order.

To an average observer, the state government should not fall into this trap by encouraging impunity to reign through establishment of another union to be headed by Oluomo.

If the park committee should be formed, let the composition of such a committee be without the presence of this team of NURTW, to serve as a deterrent to them.

The government should be careful of their actions, because people are of the opinion that the state will allow the lawlessness because of their intention to use these boys in the coming election.

Mr Thomson wrote from Lagos.

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