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By Tokunbo Ajayi

I read the funny response of Chairmanship Aspirant of Ijebu-ode local government,Dare Alebiosu to an opinion poll published yesterday conducted by an online publication,which he considered blackmail because it is not to his favour.So bad.
His response,”For me, I have a legitimate source of livelihood which is best known to everyone around. I have been part of the All Progressives Congress campaign machinery right from the grassroots. And I have equally contributed in my own little standard to the development of the town. My decision to turn things for the betterment our people is my utmost priority and not to respond to criticism by every Tom, Dick and Harry”.
It is not just disgusting for a young man aspiring for a Political Office to exibit such ego in responding to a simple opinion poll.Using the social media to cover up is more disheartening.
I am not a politician,but the money bag Politics unfolding in all the local government is sad and incredible.
Dare Alebiosu might have done some philanthropic acts( which is common with present day politician)that is not a criteria to the council.
Alebiosu should employ better media strategist who will convince those of us following the trend that he is not throwing money at the leaders of the party for him to take the ticket by all means.
Any concern resident of Ijebu-ode will be disturbed by the desperation for the LG seat, especially the adverse effects on the people after the election.
When men of questionable character are given front seat in our Political settings,it destroys our integrity and dignity as a people and a nation.
We have crossed our fingers as events are unfolding.

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