New Nigeria People’s Party Will Participate Equally With Other Political Parties…Comrade Oginni.NNPP State Chairman.

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New Nigeria People’s Party have equal rights with other political parties and will be contesting all Political offices in the forthcoming local government election in the state.This was the declaration of the party state chairman Comrade Olaposi Sunday Oginni yesterday in Abeokuta the state capital during the state meeting of the party.

He said the party will open her doors to all citizens from the society to express their political rights and get fully involved in the political process of the country.

Comrade Oginni while encouraging the members promised transparency and equity at all levels, calling on youth to take their rightful place in the political scene of the country.

He said,”if the youth are up and doing in the political process,the older generation will not push them aside.You can’t fold your hands and leave your destiny to old men who don’t care about your future.This is the best time to take a bold step on your Political desire.”

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