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… arrests 15 suspected smugglers, reiterates commitment to ensures secured nation

Nigeria Customs Service Ogun State Command 1 have declared a revenue of N97,887,777.50. The revenue was realized from auction sales of Petroleum products and baggage assessment of some items brought in from neighbouring countries.

This was made known last week at a press conference in Idiroko state Headquarters by the Ogun 1 Area Controller, Bamidele Makinde .

He said ,”the revenue generated in 2022 (N97,887,777.50) represented almost 300% increase on the year 2021 revenue (N36,655,401.50).

The Controller revealed that,” Anti-Smuggling activities of the Command yielded a good result with the record of 957 seizures. These seizures include 45,773 bags of smuggled foreign parboiled rice of 50kg each, which is equivalent to 76 trailer loads, and 130 units of vehicles. These comprise smuggled foreign used vehicles and other vehicles used as means of conveying prohibited items.

He said other seizures recorded during the period under review include the following:

“a.     Premium Motor Spirit (PMS): 451,100liters which is an equivalent       of 14 Tanker loads.

b.    Adulterated Diesel: One Tanker load.

c.     Cannabis Sativa: 43 Sacks, 351 small bags and 1,083 wraps of Book and Coconut sizes

d.    Tramadol: 2,250 packets

e.     Motorcycles used for conveyance of prohibited items: 30 Units

f.     Secondhand clothing: 517 bales and 236 sacks

g.     Foreign Used Bags: 3 bales and 384 pieces

h.     Foreign Used Tyres: 2,953 pieces

i.     Used Refrigerator Compressors: 31 pieces

j.     Bags of Dangote Cement used for concealment of foreign rice: 4700 bags

k.    Frozen Poultry products: 1,523 cartons

l.     Foreign textile: 89 bales and 485 pieces

m.    Vehicle compressors: 401 Units

n.    Foreign shoes: 320 sacks, 120 cartons and 277 pairs

o.    Foreign Wine: 520cartons and 220pieces

p.    Foreign corn: 302 sacks.

The total Duty Payable Value (DPV) of the above seizures is N5,088,982,569.92, while that of the year 2021 was N1,378,276,656.00 a differential of N3,710,705,913.92 which is about 269% higher. We were able to record the above seizures with the continuous use of intelligence in our operations and synergy with sister security agencies.”

Controller Bamidele reiterated that all the activities of Customs operatives in Ogun State, and the whole country, are regulated by law. He gave an instance that,”section 158 of CEMA CAP C45 LFN of 2004 empowers Customs officers to patrol freely; sections 147 and 148, respectively, empower Customs officers to search premises and licensed premises; section 150 gives Customs officers power to search persons and section 8 gives Customs officers the power of police officers in respect of carrying out and enforcing provisions of Customs laws. This means that Customs can arrest, detain and prosecute persons who commit Customs related offences. Section 167 empowers Customs officers to seize or detain goods suspected to be smuggled into the country.”

   The Command also arrested 15 suspected smugglers at different locations and exit points within Ogun State with prohibited goods. 

It was revealed that some of them were granted administrative bail and have yet to be charged to court, while some were charged to Court for prosecution.

   The command boosted of operating an open door policy and providing the business community and prospective legitimate traders the required information and support for their business to thrive. 

It assured such traders and prospective ones of her continuous support, where necessary, this year.

   The Command added that it maintained a robust Stakeholder’s Engagement and good community relations. 

“We managed a football club named Customs FC that is beneficial to some of the youth of the border communities across Ogun State. The Club consists of 18 native players and officials. It is committed to grooming players with the prospect and possibility of joining the National Football Team and Foreign Football Clubs to earn a better living. The Command’s Football Club is currently in the Division 2 of the National League and has won some laurels within and outside Ogun State so far.”

   The Command said,” we maintain a good Community Relations with the Traditional Rulers, Community leaders and the Youths, among others. We also maintain cordial relationship and synergy with sister agencies across the State. We appreciate the cooperation and collaboration we have received from some individuals and organizations which occasioned a considerable measure of peace in our host communities and their environments in the year gone by, while hoping that there will be improvement in that respect this year.”

   The controller emphasized that,” the activities of the Command in Ogun State is patriotic-driven, and is in the interest of economic development and national security. Our operatives in observance of the rules of engagement shall continue to carry out their legitimate duties as prescribed by law.”

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