Ogun LG Chairmen Rejection of Governor’s Car Gift: An act of Ungratefulness and Show of Shame

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By Akanmu Adeoye 

When the news of the rejection of car gift by the governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to Local government chairmen was made public, it received different reaction by the people.

It was not just ridiculous but embarrassing that administrators that we believed are Trail Blazers could belittle themselves by indirectly asking for a more exotic cars, or monetary value.

Personally, I was not disappointed, because majority of the local government administrators did not share the goal of a successful government with the present administration.

Before the election, the body language of many of the local government chairmen, when the governor announced at a meeting that he intended to give them a car, was negative but the governor, out of his good heart still went ahead to fulfill his promise.

Despite the fact that the All Progressive Congress almost lost the governorship election,(due to insincerity and disloyalty of many party members and leaders probably possible romance with opposition) the governor had dusted his shoes, folded his sleeves to continue his good work till  2027.

It’s unfortunate that the rejection of the car gift,(done in good faith by His Excellency) had brought ridicule, embarrassment to the government of the state. The act had communicated to the world that our local government administrators are material driven, selfish, stomach motivated, careless of developmental agenda of the governor.

Even, if the governor did not say jack, tongues have rolled in condemnation of the act, particularly at this period of post election.

No doubt, many of the LG chairmen got to the position by the benevolence of the governor, and it is so sad that such act of ungratefulness could be used as a payback. This is an administration that support the grassroots government, believing that through them the needs of the people will be met. This, Prince Dapo Abiodun have demonstrated through his various developmental projects in different local governments in less than 4 years in office, despite the Covid 19 and other issues.

In my opinion, the LG chairmen should have gratefully collected the car gift and later communicate their displeasure to the governor ( who is a listening and caring leader) than the public insult. The act sent a negative message to the state, especially at this period.

In addition, the party should sanction these council chairmen as a lesson to others, because they didn’t only embarrass the governor, they also painted the party in bad light to the public.

This will send a strong message to politicians that their primary objective in government should be to serve, and not for material of financial gain. One who is not grateful for little, does not deserve much.

Akanmu Adeoye is a public opinion analyst who writes from Ogun Waterside.

Akanmu Adeoye is a public opinion analyst who writes from Ogun Waterside.

The above opinion article is the personal opinion of the writer, as it is NOT the view of infolitenews.com.ng or her editorial board.

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