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The chairman of New Nigeria People’s Party in Ogun State,Comrade Olaposi Oginni, expressed gratefulness to God that the Ogun State Independent Electoral Commision(OGISEC) have eventually bowed to the voice of reason and the rule of law with the reversal of payment of fees by contestants of local government election.
He expressed delight during the weekend at an Executive meeting of the party in Abeokuta,the state capital.
He added that,”I also appreciate the board members led by Barrister Babatunde Osibodu for their proactiveness in recongnising the legality that was probably involved in whatever they might have done in the past.”
Comrade Oginni stated that,”As a matter of fact we have notified them earlier enough that there is a judgement that nolified all the guidelines and the request for the payment of fee.But quite unfortunately, they did not respond to all what we have said at initial stage and that prompted us to continue to mount more pressure and to even threaten to drag OGISEC to court.Now, I want to tell it to all Nigerians and all lover’s of democracy in Ogun State that it is a win win situation for us in Ogun State.”

He added that,”In New Nigeria People’s Party we are battle ready.We are preparing for this election,and we want to say it loud and clear that we are preparing and we are ready to win.
We believe that the electorates are wiser and they know what is happening in our local government.Anyone who desire the progress of this state will not vote for APC in the forthcoming election.”

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