Ogun West APC 2023: Towards an already Elusive Synergy

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By Dotun Oladipupo 

The various APC primary election contests or allocation have been won and lost but the bad blood, ill feelings still lingers giving the way and manner both the politicking, politics, drama and intrigues played out.

However, in any contest even the very popular consensus, there is bound to be those who feel treated unfairly, those who feel cheated and hard done by the powers that be who decides who get what and at what quantity but as soon as this process is over, it behoves on everyone to find a middle ground and a compromise especially when and if they belong to the same platform, if they cannot agree at this level, what should be expected between other kinsmen trying their luck on different platforms.

This piece was planned to have been written days before BATs visit to Abeokuta, a city where he seems to always found solace, courage, comfort and ultimately his voice to look into the eye of his party’s powers that currently be, a courage elusive until his lifetime ambition feels threatened.

If there are schemes as unhealthy as he alluded to aimed at scuttling his chances at the polls by his own party and government, (even though his spinners are already saying like the emilokan, o lule tirade earlier, this is another masterful skill from the player to score many goals) then what we are coldly seeing around Ogun west in the same party is not entirely out of the blue moon, it rolls down from the top.

In Ogun west today, it is no longer news or in hush tones that largely all the candidates of the party are running their race not only individually but also without recourse to if the other fail, some are even putting in the works for the other to fail. This is not entirely surprising when you look at the fireworks that ensued during the party’s primaries and how it was (un) resolved in manner echoing the o tutu ko nene sayings of the Ogun west people.

For a region trying to play catch up with the rest of the state, this writer thinks for whatever it takes even if for the sake of their personal interests which largely drives politicians since only few of them can align or situate their personal interests or greed with the collective interests should endeavor to first of all work together for each and everyone of them to win his allocated offices which is not entirely down to their party alone as everyone in contest on other platforms too are scheming to win. They should stop acting victorious already because they got the tickets of the ruling APC, 2023 elections tends to spring shocking surprises.

At the end of the day, it is the ability to form a synergy towards development, human capital, eradication of poverty that will etched their names, ambitions and sacrifices in the sand of history as having fought and sought the best for the region.  

They should in acceptance to the will of God and nature allow future interests and aspirations regarding Ogun west for governor play itself out when the time comes as history has shown that various antics, events, happenstances planned and unplanned will still shape a tomorrow of 2023, 2027 and beyond.

Aderinokun and the Ogun central race!

I barely even know the full name of the PDP senatorial candidate for Ogun central but he has put in the works in his campaign that it seems he began his campaigns eight years ago as the name Aderinokun is now a household name in Ogun central.

His activities, mien and social interaction is top notch that you will think he is the candidate of all parties for that office in Ogun central, in fact you will think he is even the candidate of the ruling APC whose candidate is the governor’s current Chief of staff, a fact an everyday Ogun central person will doubt.

Of course, it is easy to rely and bank on the fact that the presidential  and national assembly elections will hold the same day but he should pray that the education, electoral literacy  of the electorate remain the same to sheepishly vote same party all through not minding the personalities but if the opposite happens, Aderinokun will win him hands down in the midst of the emilokan obvious domination.

Dotun Oladipupo writes via dotunoladipupo@gmail.com

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