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The organised labour and the Ogun state government could not reach and agreement yesterday, and it has kick-started a warning Strike in the state.

The union leaders, Comrade Olanrewaju Folorunso,Comrade Akeem Lasisi,Comrade Emmanuel Bankole,jointly signed statement said they are compelled to emback on the warning Strike as the government blantantly refused to accept the legitimate demand of labour despite the many concessions that the labour was ready to make.

However, the government have defended the inability to meet the labour’s demand.On leave Allowances,the government met #10billion from the previous administration but presently owing #1.9 billion hence the government said ready to pay this owed leave allowances three times thus ,
Levels 1-6 in October 2020, Levels 7-13 in December 2020 and
levels 14 and above in February 2021.

On promotion,this will cost this government #574 million each month however promised that all promotion for years 2018 -2020 will be paid this year.

On minimum wage,this will cost the government #1.054 billion each month hence the administration aappealed passionately to labour for more time on this .

On gratuity,the government inherited an unpaid #60billion from the previous administration’s while they are currently owing #8 billion . Hence every month the government will have to pay between #200 – 300million.

On deduction,the government did not meet any outstanding deduction hence they admitted they are owing #3.3 billion. Hence the government is committed to pay the gross salary Immediately with at least #450million every month with an amount on a monthly basis to offset it all soonest.

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