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…frowns at Jungle Justice

The Omo Epetedo Forum has commended residents of Epetedo Community for foiling attempts to kidnap children in the community.

We note that the resistance met by hoodlums who attempted to seize children from our Community is a concrete sign that Epetedo Community is a no go area for miscreants and other evil perpetrators.

We observe with dismay, moves made by an unscrupulous element who, in connivance with a yet to be identified resident of the area, attempted to kidnap two children from the community. The ugly incident was however met with stiff resistance from youths within the community, who immediately pounced on the kidnapper and set him ablaze alongside his car.

While we commend the prompt response of our people on the sad occurence, We warn in very strong terms that our people should steer clear of jungle Justice as it negates the principle of investigation, fair hearing and rule of law.

It should be clear that the Nigeria Police Force and other Security agencies are set up to handle such incidences. It is the duty of law enforcement agents to arrest, investigate and prosecute criminals, as such, we must exercise restraint while reacting to such ugly matters, especially in the face of provocation.

Parents are advised to look after their children/wards, monitor them closely so as not to make them victims of evil doers who are out to cause pandemonium at all times.

The Omo Epetedo Forum will continue to serve as mouthpiece of our people and ensure Justice, Equity, Fairness and Progress prevail always.


Chief Convener

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