Opening of Schools Update: Parents lament Insensitivity of State Government Over Cost of Covid-19 Test.

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The Ogun state government position on the requirements for operations of boarding facilities in the Secondary Schools in the State as part of the overall requirements for the reopeningof schools for SS3,have been widely condermed.

Parents, private school owners and stakeholders who are gradually adjusting to the negative effect of Covid-19,lamented on inability of government to provide the testing facilities, while enriching private sector as the school is preparing for opening.

Our correspondent spoke to some parents at Ewekoro area of the state.A parent who will not want her name mentioned said,it is wrong for government to ask for the result of Covid-19 Test before student will be allowed back to school.She said,”the test supposed to be done in government medical facility.We are yet to get over the financial effect of the pandemic,and we are mandated to pay for test,that is not right.”

Another parent at Ifo area of the state,said he is in doubt if such directives can come from the government.He said this administration can not give a directives that will add to the pains of the people.”The post Covid 19 effect is something the society is battling with, paying for the test of wards returning to school is not a wise decision.”He said.

As at time of this report,a video of one of the parents complaining about this derective was on the social media.The parent,Mr Olusesan Omoagemo sorrowfully complained that the government is insensitive in the plight of common people.

He said,”We are told to pay a sum of #25000 for test of Covid-19 for JS 3 and SS 3 student because they are in private school when they are writing same examination with their counterparts in public school.This is fraud for God sake.With all the money donated during the pandemic, government should be able to carry out the test for students irrespective of either private or public school.”

A trader at Omida market , Alhaja Sikirat said this government should not add to the pains of the public.She said,”parents who have two or three children in private schools,how do they want them to carry out such test as the tuition fee must also be paid?”

As at the time of this report,the state government are yet to respond to this allegations and complains.

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