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It is noted that some rag – tag politicians devoid of moral scruples are found of running destructive criticisms against the Ogun State Government over what they considered punishing process they claim are noticed on the ongoing re – engineering of the Ibara – Kobape – Sagamu interchange road.

It is the standard practice World Wide for the Engineers on roads construction to close a part of the road to enable them work with no worries for some avoidable road – mishaps. It is also the civilised thing for the road users and the residents of the communities on the long stretch of such roads under re – engineering and also the commuters to try to exercise patience and control on how they use or ply the such roads.

Much as the self – appointed and very destructive critics keep trying their worst to present the PDA Government in bad light , it is much interesting to note the disarming and capable ways and manners the State Government has continued to make the destructive critics come up empty and deflated.

At this point , it is highly necessary to acknowledge the virtues of courage , focus , commitment, and patriotism the PDA led Government has exhibited in the face of such attempts at painting a wrong image of the Administration . These are qualities not easily seen in most of the past Governments , this Government has risen above all the negativities of the insincere and very unpatriotic critics.

These set of human pretending to be critics will sooner than later expire without remedy.
They are reckless and unconventional if not subversive in their inglorious and attempts at trying to discredit every social developmental steps of the Government.

The Government did urge the road users of the this road now undergoing repairing attention to exercise patience and be law – abiding in respect of road safety.

It will be recollected that it was Ogun LP that took Amosun Government to the Court when it awarded this road Ibara – Sagamu interchange at #94bn on the claim that the road would be expanded to ten lanes of 5 – a side in place of the current 4 lanes of 2- a side in place .

Very many structures were unnecessarily marked for demolition but at long last , over #62bn was wasted on this same road with just a little portion of the road was adequately touched while the very main vast and long stretch of the road was untouched.

The motoring public in a sane clan are usually by choice very cautious around road construction sites. It is not ideal in such surrounding to over – take each other or drive too fast , rather the better option is to drive cautiously and in fact slowly.

In addition all the instructions are obeyed , all the construction machines and personnel are minded .

Finally , it is strongly advised that every motoring member of the public should try to drive much more responsibly on the road . It is of course very meet to congratulate this PDA led Government for its level of focus and commitment with determination at delivering the desired benefits of democracy to the people . It is even so interesting to note that without any noise , the Government is truly very strong in its various projects and time frame scheduled for completion are all under control .

Comrade Gentleman ARABAMBI

Immediate Past IPAC Chairman
Ag National Vice Chairman Southwest LP
State Chairman Ogun LP

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