Safety While In Traffic.

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By Jaji Olamilekan

The confession of criminal suspects recently in Lagos threw me off balance,as he narrated how they often rob motorists of their valuables especially in traffic jam.

However,I have previously watched a video on social media where criminals used a metal object to break car glasses to rob the occupants in South Africa.I quickly told myself that it can’t happen in Nigeria.

I was surprised with the confession as he narrated how the crime is perfected.

“I went into the traffic at Berger close to the traffic light since it was a long and slow movement of cars.I went with my partner who is an expert in pocket picking.He attacked the person sitting beside the driver, twisting his neck while I took his phone (iPhone X).We were able to do this because we saw the phone from outside,and the glass of the car was down for us to penetrate.

Once we did that,both of us vanished in the traffic which made it impossible to trace us.We took a bus separately from Berger to Oshodi where we normally sell our loot.As I alighted at Oshodi,I saw police men who asked where I was coming from because it was late in the night.Before my narration,they searched me and found the phone.”

Kudos to the police, parading such criminal suspects does not only warn others,it also provides the public the information on how those miscreants carry out their operation.

Its advisable to keep our valuables away from outside views, expecially young hackers who ransacked your car with their eyes pretending to sell goods in traffic jam.In most cases,women bag and phones kept close to the gear of the car are their target.Once they sight these objects,they quickly plan how to launch an attack.

Before the lockdown,a friend was driving and noticed the fuel light was on.He moved to the nearest petrol station but he could not get fuel.On his way to another petrol station,he got into a traffic jam and he put off his car Air-conditioning,wind down the glass.A young man approved him to call his attention to his flat tire, while he opened his door to see what he was talking about,his expensive phone had gone.He didn’t know until he got to the fuel station and filled his car tank.By the time he wanted to pay for the fuel,he noticed his phone had gone.So sad.

The tracking of those stolen phones have not been easy with the demand of security Operatives.Though,the police will tell you they don’t collect money to track phone,but you can’t visit a police station with the complain of stolen phone and expect them to attend to you without money.They will even give you an assurance that you will get your money back when the suspects are arrested.This may take a short time or a very long time investigation as they normally say.

The best we can do is to take precautions on the safety of our belongings either while driving or in any position we are in the car.When we are security conscious,it saves us a lot of stress and danger.

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