Sign Language Should Be Taught From Home… Chairman,Ogun state Deaf Association.

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Sign Language should be taught from every home so as to be able to communicate with people with hearing difficulty.

This is the declaration of the chairman of Deaf Association Ogun state Mr Olalekan Mohammed yesterday in Abeokuta during this year International Day of Sign Language.It is celebrated every 23rd of September every year all over the world.

This year theme was,”Sign Language Is for Everyone”.

The chairman explained that sign language is the ability to use hand, body and face to communicate feelings and emotions by people with hearing defect.

He also acknowledge the support of government in recognition of the association,which have given hope to the members.He said government should continue with provision of employment,and scholarship as it will enable many to fulfill their dreams in life.

Mr Muhammad added that sign language interpreter should be provided at every government social event so as to enable members to get involve.He also added that interpreter should be included in tertiary education for better learning.

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