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By Comrade Gentleman Arabambi Abayomi

The negative political Critics of the PRINCE DAPO ABIODUN led Government are motivated by some moral deadness,or are challenged intellectually. Many of them are not good at hiding their biases. Most of them write like their eyes are seeing the back of their heads.

Of course like the blackmailers with who they share a potent and very similar method and style , these group of Internet hack Critics are wrongly schooled into a very idiotic understanding that there is no statue of limitations on blackmail. So , to them , when the subject is about the PDA led Government , they throw decency to the gutter.

About those for who they act , their own interests and pains are very depressing for them enough to stomach – infrastructure some educated illiterates to keep disgracing their family names publicly. There is no sadness to compare with the grief of a politician who is totally and disgracefully rejected by his people to almost the last man to the acceptance and the embrace of a fellow politician with a common Constituency. It is so traumatic that it could be understood when such rejected politician gets so poorly in his reactions and public statements either by himself or through some political miscreants.

Meanwhile , back to the issue of the NLC warning strike and its eventual quick suspension , I want to commend the Ogun State Government for its lightening positive and successful response . This is so novel and really worth celebrating.

Second , it is so much encouraging that the leadership of Ogun State NLC depicted a rare and uncommon brilliance as labour unionists.

What many of these polished political miscreants and rascals writing poison online unintelligently missed is the extremely exposed rot , insulting and grossly unfair treatment that the immediate past Administration of Sen Ibikunle Amosun meted out to retired senior citizens , the great mismanagement , stealing , economic destruction and high level debt left for the current Government . It has now come to be clearly known to the public that the PDA Government keep managing so well with the Labour Union towards an amicable resolution. Just note an NLC trade dispute that got resolved within 48 hours to the mutual satisfaction of both the Labour and the Government.

In concluding this piece , Ogun LP as partners strongly advise Labour Leaders to consciously avoid playing into the hands of the sad and frustrated politicians , who were so happy that the dispute arose and were all over the political space with their tongues of deceit.

We recollect that Ogun LP did its best to challenge the grievous mal – administration of Amosun then , LP was convinced that if things were open and sincerely done , the current volume of backlog could have been avoided. It is on record that even Labour Leadership then wasn’t cooperative nor helpful for reason best known to them .

With the foregoing , it is obvious that the Administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun on every scale and in any measure is a great improvement over every other ones before it in recent times and for this singular fact , I do here congratulate Prince Dapo Abiodun and his Government very strongly.

It is highly satisfying to witness his very much unique and brilliant administrative performance that hugely disgraces the empty and very insincere tenure of the immediate past Government of Sen. Ibikunle Amosun , the architect of the current accumulated unpaid dues that Labour is reacting against today.

Comrade Gentleman Arabambi Abayomi is the Immediate Past IPAC Chairman in Ogun State,and Ag National Vice Chairman Southwest Labour Party,State Chairman Ogun LP.

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