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The call for the control and use of plastic have been made by the Consumer Protection Advocacy Initiative to mark the World Consumer Right Day.
This was disclosed at a press conference yesterday in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

The coordinator of the group,Mr Ola Animashaun said plastic pollution is a global issue and Consumer awareness of the plastic crisis is also growing around the world.
He said,”Now is a critical time in highlighting, addressing and tackling plastic pollution as a global Covid-19 pandemic has added to the rise of single-use plastic including face mask,gloves,and food packaging.”
He added that Consumer International have created 7 Rs Model of Waste Management-REPLACE, RETHINK,REFUSE, REDUCE,REUSE, RECYCLE and REPAIR.
Plastic is considered a useful material in our everyday lives but our production and Consumption of it has become unsustainable, causing negative environmental consequences, including pollution of the environment and negative impacts on human health and biodiversity.Its impacts are clearly visible in our towns and cities littered with ‘pure water’ nylon and plastic bottles..
A Journalist with Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation,Mr Waidi Ogunjobi commended the organizer of the event,and asked if outright ban of plastic would not bring negative consequences to the people in the plastic producing industry.
Mr Animashaun said it would be a control use and proper disposal that will make the environment safer.”The purpose is not to throw the people in the industry out to the labour market,but to look for alternative of using plastic for all our daily activities,and to make them see reasons why these plastic should be recycled for another use instead of being an environmental threat to our society.”
Popular on air personality,Biodun Bello, called the attention of the organizer to the fact that most people did not know the difference between nylon and plastic.He said community awareness should be done to let the people know the danger of uncontrollable use of plastic and it’s effect on the society.
Mr Shodeinde of National Human Right Commission said the public needed to have a change in attitude towards the environment.He said,”Our people need to change their attitude of littering the environment with nylon and plastic containers.Almost all food containers come in plastic bag,and it most be properly disposed for us to have a cleaner environment.”

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