Security:Chief Obasanjo Calls on Nigerians to strengthen her security.

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Chief Olusegun Obasanjo called on well meaning Nigerians to work together as one in strengthening the security of the nation.
He made the call at the weekend in Abeokuta Ogun state.
Chief Obasanjo said positive action is required from all well-meaning Nigerians from across the board.
“Unfortunately, I have recently observed from some writers on the security situation in the North, the feeling or attitude of ‘it serves them right’.  We must not gloat at the difficulties or misfortune of others, rather we must emphathise.  Wherever there is insecurity in Nigeria, it must be of concern to all of us.  It should not be the attitude of ‘am alright Jack’ or ‘it serves them right’.  I believe it should be ‘we are all in one bad boat and we must put all hands on deck to fix it’.  Maybe now that we are all feeling the pinch, the collective fixing will be understood and be easy to accomplish.  Insecurity in any form and in any part of Nigeria is insecurity for us all.”
The formal president said the security in other Africa countries have been a concern to him.He said,”From about the beginning of this month of June, there have been agitations and protests of a revolutionary nature in Mali.  Not that I am afraid of revolution, no, not at all, but I love and cherish peace and, of course, not peace of the graveyard.  If I am concerned about security issue in Mali because of possibility of flow-over to other parts of West Africa, I should be more concerned about security in any part of Nigeria.”
He encouraged men and women to speak up on security issues,come up with solution for the unity of the country.”The solution lies in men and women imbued with courage, nationalism, patriotism, commitment, foresight and love in critical mass, to spearhead the crusade for new Nigeria.  Let us launch and promote such a crusade on the slogan “Security Matters To All; No security, No Nigeria”.  And the time is now.  Delay is postponing the evil day . Failure to act now will lead to more frustration, greater despair and larger mentality and feeling that may lead to action of  ‘break it all up’.”

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