2023 Elections: Otunba Adewale Adenaike, The Right Choice for Ogun East Senatorial District

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By Idris Akande

Otunba Adewale Adenaike, Senatorial Candidate for Ogun East Senatorial District under the Social Democratic Party (SDP), a leading opposition party in Ogun State has distinguished himself in fairness to represent the good people of his district at the Red Chamber.

The educationist and grassroot politician, whose desire is to give a voice to the people of Ogun East, and deliver them from political gladiators whose goal is to milk the treasure of the State and impoverish the people.

Otunba Adenaike had made it known severally that his representation will be people-minded and will see to the growth and development of the region.

Close observers of Ogun State politics will understand that the era of imposition and stomach infrastructure is over. The people are determined to elect the right candidates into various political offices. Ogun East is in focus as the people will make critical decision by electing Otunba Adenaike in the 2023 general election.

I admonish the people not to be intimidated by the propaganda and lies of political jobbers. The power of the poll will silence all commercial politician who wants to use the Red Chamber to retire their political career.

A vote for Otunba Adewale Adenaike, is a vote for YESSS agenda,(Youth, Education, Security, Skill Acquisition and Sport). The right man to represent Ogun East at the Red Chamber in 2023.

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