Ageing For You and Me: An Expository Book on Ageing and Caring for the Elderly

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By Olabode Johnson

A group of people the society have neglected for so long is the older population. 

Our modern society pays less attention to the older people, or issues that pertain to them. We hardly include them in our policy making, social life, decision making even our art and literature.

   Coming across a literature, particularly an expository research work on old age related issues is a plus to the reading audience.

The book ,”Ageing for you and me” is an interesting and educative book for everyone, no matter the age bracket. It analyses the process and challenges of ageing, breaking down the frailty of old age and her consequences in the later days of the senior.

   Dementia as an impairment is explained  in a simple and layman’s language, indicating that sufferer can be assisted to live a better life.

  The book makes it known that dementia does not respect social class, culture,religion or color, it is a mental decline that the sufferer needs the understanding of the society. It corrects  the wrong notion of equating dementia to insanity, especially in rural communities.

   It provides several answers to how to care for dementia patient and the role of every member of the society. 

     The book also provide several suggestions on how to plan for a peaceful old age; putting into consideration the basic needs of older seniors.

     The author provides a number of suggestions on how the process of ageing can be fruitful,considering our modern society. 

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