COVID-19 UPDATE:Community Transmission Is On The Increase…Gov Abiodun.

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The increasing figure of affected persons with covid 19 in the state has testified that community transmission is on the increase.

This was made known today in Abeokuta the state capital by the governor,Prince Dapo Abiodun Mfr while addressing news men on the update of Covid-19 in the state.

Prince Abiodun disclosed that,”As at Monday, 15th June, 2020, we have recorded a total of 586 positive cases as against a total number of316 on the 4th of June, an increase of 270 or over 85% in just 14 days. Put more succinctly, the number of cases recorded from first index case on 27thFeb to 4th June – a period of 98 days – has almost doubled in just 14 days.”

The governor lamented non-compliance by the people which has resulted to increase in the number of affected cases.

“The above speaks for itself – community transmission is on the increase. And regrettably, in spite of the spirited efforts of the government to create awareness about the deadly nature of the pandemic and the guidelines in place to flatten the curve of the spread, the compliance level of our people is still very much below expectation.”

He also added that,”I wish to emphasise that the figures of the dead from COVID-19 related complications or the sick may appear to many as just mere statistics, but to those who are directly impacted, these are not just numbers, but caring spouses, loving fathers or mothers, sisters, brothers and cherished relatives. The intention here is not to scare us, but to drive home the point that COVID-19 is real, and we have a collective and individual responsibility to work together to tame it – through compliance with the guidelines.”

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