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By Fatoki Abdulrasak Damilare

The comradeship and leadership spirit in me make me uncomfortable and restless when I see civil authorities take matters of piority with levity in our society.

It saddens my heart nowadays to see the ugly situations of secondary school students who constitute nuisance in the society ,contribute more to societal decadence by engaging in one form of crime or the other causing unrest to the society at large .

Its no longer news that some secondary school students have turned to hoodlums, armed robbers and even hired assasins.
Some are also used by politician as an instrument to perpetuate evil and crimes in the society.

I then wonder what are the roles and responsibilities of the government, civil societies, parents and guidance, teachers in moulding the lives of these children. Quite a number of them are like that as a result of lack of guidance and proper monitoring by their parents and teachers.

While some are under the influence of peer group influence ,environmental influence and many more .adolescent, when not properly monitored, will get blown away by the wind of youthful exuberance not minding the consequences .It then now behoves those in charge to take up their responsibilities with high sense of seriousness to mould, shape ,correct and build the young generations now before they destroy themselves.

With the rate at which these young lads engage in atrocities with confidence and courage in the society, then I’m beginning to feel they are some mechanism or forces fortifying these wards which makes them feel untouchable and this of course has rendered the efforts of civil societies futile .

The essence of civil societies is to reduce the rate of crimes in the society by taking charge where possible but it seems they are not owning up to their responsibilities, my questions is what are uniform based organization doing?and department of state security service?

Issues should not be allowed to aggravate into something disastrous before actions and steps are being taken.

Lastly,I will implore all civil societies the likes of CADETI,CNN,ALLLG,MOW and all paramilitaries to take charge and not take security issues with levity No doubt,security matters is not an individual issue but a collective one and tactical issues requires a tactical approach.

Comdt Fatoki Abdulrasak Damilare is the Corps Public Relation to the CADETS NETWORK NIGERIA

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