How Windstorm Almost Wrecked Nascent Pelican Brief Project – Dr. Adeyemo, Pelican Valley Nigeria

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…as Clients Commend Firm’s Integrity, Standards and Business Ethics

Popular realtor, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, has taken some clients and business associates down the memory lane of his very low moments in the real estate business, and how providence steadied his steps during that trying period and kept him afloat despite devastating business challenges 

Dr Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pelican Valley Nigeria limited; the firm behind Pelican Valley Estate, Pelican Brief Estate, Pelican Ecostay Apartments and Pelican Greenish Acres Farm Estate, recalled how a devastating windstorm that preceded a heavy downpour almost wrecked the nascent Pelican Brief Estate project two years ago, shortly after it was launched.

Casting light into that era, the multiple award – winning and foremost real estate practitioner said that he visited the project site one morning and discovered that an inappropriately installed concrete electrical pole had fallen down following heavy night rainfall and windstorm that swept through the site, causing the faulty pole to pull no fewer than 30 other poles down as it fell.

He explained that, that singular experience reinforced his resolve to always save for the ‘Rainy Day’ while also anchoring his faith in the abiding mercy of the Almighty Allah to comfort and uplift one during time of stress and storms.

“About three years ago, when we just launched the Pelican Brief Estate..we recorded some sales and in my usual character, I ploughed all the proceeds from sales into adding value to the Estate, through bold electrification projects..unfortunately, few weeks after the completion of the electrification project, an extremely heavy rain and wind came and it was most unfortunate that our inexperienced handlers carelessly placed an electrical concrete pole very close to a drainage, the concrete pole fell and pulled down almost additional twenty five or 30 concrete poles.

“The broken poles was an eye sore in the Estate..I must say here that, that is the reason an ideal real Estate practitioner should always avoid being wasteful and must always save for rainy days..that single occurrence would have brought down the whole nascent Pelican Brief project then..but, to God be the Glory, we weathered that storm,” he said.

Dr Adeyemo disclosed this in his residence within the top-notch Pelican Valley Estate Abeokuta, the state capital, while fielding questions from Journalists during breaking of Ramadan fast on Sunday evening with family members, staff, clients from diaspora, professional colleagues and associates.

Commenting on unfaithfulness of some staff, he shared a sad experience of a back stabber who was “someone he picked up from ground zero and gave him a headstart.”

The realtor said the offensive staff resorted to adopting conducts repugnant to the work ethics of Pelican Valley to the extent of using privilege information to pursue self -serving agenda until providence stopped him in his track.

Speaking on the firm’s range of products which are interwoven and and inter – related, the Pelican CEO said the essence is to build a sort of an interconnectivity, interdependency and self sustaining community among the Pelican Valley, Pelican Brief estate, Pelican’Eco stay Apartments and Pelican Greenish Acres Farm estates, Kobape, to promote healthy diet and healthy living among clients and estate residents, tourists and landlords.

Dr Adeyemo emphasized that, “We want to take full advantage of the hospitality business in our Estate and the strategy is to grow what we eat as fresh as possible and also create value added products for export, taking full advantage of the new Ogun State Agro Cargo Airport which is just in our neighbourhood. We have perfected our plans by delivering our Estates on the Ogun state Masterplan, through the Government approved layouts we have secured on all the Estates.

“The implications of this is that our Estates and farms are already on the state Masterplan and would not be affected by any present or future lands acquisition by both present or succeeding Government in Ogun state. I would want to use this medium to urge prospective and potential investors, most especially the Nigerians in the diaspora to always play safe with their funds by going for lands with government approvals and approved layouts. Land banking is great but can also be disastrous when it’s not secured… Awoof will always run belle.”

On the masterpiece landscape of the Pelican Valley Estate, he said the creativity displayed there was inspired by globalisation and a product of high end research, expressing with confidence that no real estate company in Nigeria can compete with the unique landscape at Pellican-Valley.

Dr Adeyemo said he is looking forward to seeing Pelican Valley become a huge global brand in the next five or 10 years, assuring that the firm would continue to raise the bar in provision of basic infrastructure in all its estates to keep them globally competitive.

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