Independent Day Celebration: Hon Fayoyin Calls for Prayer, Patriotism by Nigerians

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…says there is hope for a better nation 

The New Nigeria People’s Party chieftain in Ogun State, Hon Olujobi Fayoyin has called for prayer as Nigeria celebrated 63rd Independent anniversary.

Hon Fayoyin said the people should be optimistic and patriotic for the nation to develop in all areas.

He said the major problem that has plagued the nation is leadership, and inability to manage our resources properly.

The young grassroots politician emphasized that so many foreign investors would have come to the country, but sent back because of the nation wrong economic policies and leadership.

He said,” there is hope for this nation if the people in position of authority can restore confidence and trust in leadership in every areas. When the leaders do the right thing, it will be easy for the followers to trust the people in authority and support them in governance. I believe Nigeria will be better if leadership issue is addressed.”

Hon Fayoyin added that young politicians who will be coming to leadership position in the nation soon, will do everything possible to correct these abnormalities. He assured the people that these young politicians will not  toed the same wrong paths that have made the nation to be backward.

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