Organ Harvesting: Former President, Chief Obasanjo Appeals for Clemency, for Convicted Ekweremadu, Wife in UK

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The former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo have written to the Chief Clerk of the Central Criminal Court in London over the criminal trial of former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and wife, over allegation of organ harvesting of a 21 year old young man.

Chief Obasanjo in a letter dated April 3, 2023 and addressed to The Chief Clerk, the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London, asked the United Kingdom government to temper justice with mercy for diplomatic reasons, and the health of their daughter in question.

The Egba born High Chief in his letter, illustrated several goodwills of the Senator including,”in 2009, he was appointed as the first Deputy Speaker of the Economic Community of West African States,ECOWAS, and made to lead an ad hoc Committee to work for the return of constitutional order in the Niger Republic.”

Chief Obasanjo described him as a man, “dedicated himself to the service of God and humanity as he continued to play visible roles in national development. Through the Ikeoha Foundation, a non governmental organization founded by him and his wife, in 1997, have rendered a lot of charitable activities, enhancing poor People’s access to quality education and health care, building their capacity to participate in mainstream social, political and economic activities of their communities.”

The two terms President on behalf of the Ekweremadus, desired for the worm relationship between United Kingdom and Nigeria, and the sake of their daughter in question whose current health condition is in danger and requires an urgent medical attention, for the court to temper justice with mercy, and let punishment that may have to come take their good character and parental instinct and care into consideration.

He said ,” I do hope Mr and Mrs Ekweremadu have learned from this distressing experience of their to guide their future actions or inaction so they will continue to be outstanding members of their community and will continue to contribute fully to the good of the society in particular and the nation in general.”

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