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…creating an economic hub, giving prospective clients a great value for their money

A foremost real estate company in Nigeria, Pelican Valley Estate, has disclosed that the company is building a Smart City at Kobape to offer its prospective clients a great value for their money.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company,Dr Babatunde Adeyemo made this known while conducting newsmen, government functionaries, realtors round the highbrow Pelican Valley Estate, Laderin in Abeokuta,the Ogun state capital and Pelican Brief in Kobape yesterday.

The entourage also visited the long awaiting sites of the Ecostay Apartments billed to be launched in few weeks, Pelican Greenish Acres and Farmers’ Market, in Kobape.

Dr Adeyemo informed the entourage that his company has transformed the Pelican Valley from an obscure bush and topography, to an aesthetic landscape terraces where “unusual homes” have sprung up.

He explained that a huge amount of money had been spent by the company in providing drainages, a 500kva electricity transformer, horticultural beautification, security and other topnotch facilities at the estate, to give the residents who are mostly abroad, real value for their money.

Dr Adeyemo also added that his company would continue to invest in the 65-plot estate to make it a world-class, said a swimming pool, lounge and gallery would soon be completed in Pelican Valley with a view of offering the residents complete relaxation and entertainment.

He said,“We are not just building an ordinary estate, but igniting a smart city here in Kobape to replicate facilities you can find in Lekki and other topnotch estates, not only in Nigeria but beyond. Here, we have done all the necessary documentation to avoid any breach in building and physical development laws. That is why our clients get their building plans approval within seven days of purchasing the land.

“As you can see, we are investing heavily in technology by having a CCTV cameras and electronic-controlled gate at the estate. Also, we have got the approval of the IGP on our request for the armed mobile police personnel to provide security for our clients in the estate, who are now above 1,000. Though the road which leads here, as you can see, is motorable, but we are ready to invest our money to make the road leading here more motorable. This is to give our customers who are mostly in the dispora, the comfort they deserve.

“Another advantage here is the 33kva trunk power line which courses in front of the estate down to Egbeda town. With this, residents of the estate are assured of constant power supply, and that is why we have purchased a 500kva transformer to step the 33kva down into our estate. And to ensure quality assurance, we have our own block making factory within the estate to provide quality and strong building blocks”.

Dr Adeyemo also disclosed that the Ecostay Apartments would be built to enhance eco-friendlisness.

He made it known that the project will be launched in May 2022, which will have duplexes and bungalows; a very big lounge; lawn tennis and basketball courts; a gym and swimming pool, which will offer an ambience for tourism.

He disclosed that over N15million would be spent to plant trees and other holticulture plants in the facility, Adeyemo said his company would be ready to provide construction and maintenance services for the prospective clients of the Ecostay Apartments, with the view of giving them what is obtainable in the developed world.

On the Greenish Acres, Pelican Estate boss said the large acres of land is to provide residents of Pelican Brief with farmland to enhance their economic activities and be close to nature.

He added that the acres which has a stream would provide a suitable fertile land where residents can practice crop farming and other agricultural ventures.

Dr Adeyemo, however, said that the Farmers’ Market located just across Pelican Brief would serve as a commercial centre where the farmers can interact with the offtakers of their farm produce.

“The idea of the Greenish Acres is to offer our clients at the Pelican Brief opportunity to be close to nature and enhance their economic activities by engaging in farming. The farmland which is just over a kilometer away can also offer a form of exercise for the residents who would like to trek to their farms.

“In order to create an avenue for the famers and farm produce buyers, we have acquired over 10 hectares of land to build what we call a farmers’ market, where they can sell their produce to the offtakers. So, with Ecostay Apartments, Greenish Acres and Farmers’ Market, we are not only igniting a smart city here in Kobape, we are equally creating an economic hub around the axis”. Adeyemo submitted.

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