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By Olatunji Sangotade

The current security of Ogun State is no doubt a serious concern with the recent cult clashes in different part of the state.
It’s sad that the present predicament we found ourselves might have been avoided, but political sentiments and insentivity of the present administration brought us to this ugly pedestrian.
When a popular cultist, Tommy,was killed in OLUWO area of Abeokuta last week, we all knew there would be a reprisal attack. The incident in Sagamu yesterday was a result of increasing activities of cult in the state that were unchecked.
Immediately after the general election in 2019, the body language of government towards cult related activities was nothing to talk about especially as many assumed that official adoption of a particular colour of a cult group by the government (having a good number of that people in his administration as Youth)was a nod for underground cult activities.
In addition, the security operatives have been complaining bitterly about this development months back, as no record of suspected cult members have been prosecuted. The highest we have seen were media parade of suspects. More often,the likes of student representatives in the administration begged for clemency when students were arrested for cult activities.

The people believed that indecision of the Government was as a result of plan to make use of them during the forthcoming election,while some believed that the opposition may criticise them for wrong approach.

The Ogun State government needs to buckle up by taking the bull by the horn. Government needs to take concrete steps in dealing with the cultists, especially in Ijebu-Ode, Sagamu, Agowoye, and Abeokuta the state capital as soon as possible.
The death count should be stopped as a matter of urgency.

Sangotade writes from Abeokuta Ogun State.

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