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By Ven Samson Kunle Popoola

I have been watching with keen interest and with a deep sense of sorrow and awe, the incessant attacks on our policemen on duty or on their facilities especially in the eastern part of the country and lately in some parts of Lagos State albeit by some very few disgruntled elements in the country.
This dangerous trend portends dire consequences for our nation and it is indeed a dangerous path to thread.
This attitude is capable of running this country into the path of anarchy and lawlessness and my fear is that at the end of the day, no one, I mean no one will be spared of the dire catastrophy of having a country that is running on free mode without law and order.

My country people,no country has ever survived without having law and order and no country has ever run on law and order without having officers who are men that are assigned to ensure that the citizens are guaranteed safety and security all of the time.
I want to say categorically here that attacking our policemen on duty, setting their infrastructures ablaze, burning down vehicles stealing arms and ammunitions is a call to anarchy and a state of lawlessness.
This country is home to about 200 million citizens or there about and if we allow this country to degenerate into Somalia or into Libya or Sudan or Afghanistan, then the consequence is better imagined.
I therefore want to call on all Nigerians of good conscience to stem the tide right now, the advocacy for the protection of our officers should be a high point now ever than before, the police on their own are doing all they could do to re-orientate and put our officers and men on the right frame of mind to respect human rights and accord all citizens the desired respect and decorum and in their search for these solutions, we must as citizens also assist them to be able to achieve these goals because only in attaining, that we can all have a police of our dream.
I call on Nigerians to stop harassing, brutalizing and engaging our police and other security agencies negatively, they are constitutional emowered to carry out their duties and they need to be protected.
Our officers and men are enjoined to continue to show high level of professionalism and restraint at these trying times. Together we will wade through this muddy waters.
Ogun State must be kept safe, secured and functional for all of us to enjoy quality life and for us to be able to go about our businesses and our duties, without any hindrance.
Please, our youths and all concerned should please tow the path of Peace the path of decency, the path of patriotism and decorum so that Nigeria will be great again.
Thank you very much, God bless our State and Nation.

Ven Dr Samson Kunle Popoola jp
Ogun State Pcrc Chairman.

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