Nigeria@62: Our future is in our hands, Vote Conscience, Not Party…ADC Chieftain, Hon Fayoyin tells Nigerians 

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In celebration of the Nigeria’s 62nd independence anniversary, chieftain of the African Democratic Congress, Hon Ezekiel Olujobi Fayoyin has urged Nigerians to vote capable personalities in the forthcoming general election. 

Fayoyin in a statement he personally signed and made available to newsmen on Saturday said the future of the country is in the hands of electorate, stressing that 2023 election will determine who run the country for another eight years. 

The Ogun State governorship aspirant in the statement urged the residents of the state to do the right thing by upholding democracy on the right path. 

According to the statement ,”I want to congratulate every citizen of Nigeria especially Ogun State Indigenes as regards celebration of the 62nd Independence Anniversary of our dear Nation. 

“I think this time we should be remembered of what our commitments are to our Nation because we are the one responsible for progress of our Nation. And I want to call the  attention of Nigerians globally that the destiny of Nigeria is in our hands collectively, as we are preparing for the polls coming in 2023.

“I want to urge every Ogun State citizen to endeavor to do the right thing to uphold democracy on the right path. Let us vote our conscience and not allow ourselves to be bought by any politicians . The future of our Nation is in our hands, so therefore we must ensure we do right thing and be mindful of the coming Generations. 

“I wish everyone Happy Independence and  pray that may we have the course to celebrate this independence in a better society, where we will be happy and bold to call Nigeria our Country because of the great developments that would have happened in the nearest future”. 

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