Ogun East Senatorial Candidate, Dr. Adenaike Greets Nigerians @ 62  

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A leading Senatorial Candidate in Ogun East, Dr. Adewale Adenaike under the plartform of the Social Democratic Party said Nigeria’s light will shine again and nations beyond the shores of Africa will seek for help from the country in diverse areas of human endeavour. 

Dr. Adenaike made this declaration when he addressed his supporters on the eve of the 62nd Independence Day anniversary of the nation, saluting the resilience of the people. 

Making reference to the experiences of the Israelites as contained in the Holy Bible, Dr. Adenaike who is a leading contender for the Ogun East Senatorial seat declared,” We are confident in the power of God Almighty to restore the economic, social, political and moral dignity of our nation, as He did in Samaria when that land was under siege. All the enemies we see today in the form of insecurity, poor economy reflecting as weak naira,  inflation, unemployment will soon become part of our history, because the same God, that gave us this land called Nigeria has the power to do it. He did it before in the land of Samaria; He will do it again in the land of Nigeria”

While urging Nigerians from all works of life not to lose hope, but to see the 2023 general elections as another golden opportunity that God Almighty has given to Nigerians. 

Dr. Adenaike advised his supporters to ensure that they participate fully in the electoral exercise as ”God will not come down to vote but will put in the heart of men and women like you to vote for me and other Nigerians vying for different political offices under SDP”.

Speaking further, he said ”we must not commit the error of voting for the wrong persons again. Part of the problem that this richly blessed land called Nigeria has suffered till date is the choice of bad leaders. 

Today, we are at the threshhold of another opportunity to pick the right leaders, leaders that will do the will of the people; this is the threshhold of picking the Moses that will take us out of Egypt and the Joshua that will lead us into the Promise Land. We can no longer wait for two different eras for that accomplishment. Our choice of leaders today must have those two qualities and goals for them to qualify to be elected”.

Describing himself as such leader, Dr.Adenaike urged the people of Ogun East Senatorial District to give him their mandate for the next four years in order to lead the people out of the proverbial Egypt and bring them to the Promise Land where there is milk and honey.

He further reiterated the need to abhor any form of violence during this electioneering process. He added that,”Our youths should come out strong and make their voices heard by participating in the electoral process within the ambit of the law. Let’s all protect this One Country ( Nigeria) we have.”

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