Pelican Valley To Power Kobape Ecostay Apartments with Energy from Sewage System Gas 

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Leading Estate Company in Ogun State, Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd has concluded plans to generate electricity that will power the newly launched Ecostay Apartments in Kobape axis of the state.

Chief Executive Officer, Pelican Valley Ltd, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, told journalists today in Abeokuta, that the green energy project will be sourced through the Central Sewage System (CSS) within the estate to allow bacteria digest and produce sewage methane – a natural gas, which will be piped into another engine facility to produce heat, gas and electricity.

He explained that the electricity can then be used on the Ecostay Apartments site , as an alternative to the already existing public 33 KVA power supply.

Dr Adeyemo said Pelican Valley had perfected arrangements with her foreign partners and consultants, on the feasibility of the CSS project to generate alternative power source, that is environmental friendly to continually enhance clients’ comfort and healthy smart homes.

He further stated that an MoU will be signed between the foreign partners and Pelican Valley early December this year.

Dr Adeyemo explained that , “We have concluded all arrangements to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by December this year, with one of our foreign consultants and partners to create a Central Sewage System (CSS) in the Pelican Ecostay apartment that will serve as bio-digester and the gas will be converted to green energy. We are about to sign that MoU all in our determination to have eco-friendly environment.

Although, we have a 33KVA step down with 500KVA transformer already in place and fully energized but we want to have alternative source of power as well so that we will not have to rely solely on public power. The alternative must be green as well, we don’t want generators in the site to avert the kind of chaotic noise and air pollution one sees in some closed residential settings, resulting from carbon monoxide emission whenever there is public power outage.”

He also announced that the real Estate company is also going to spend over five million naira to plant trees and greens in the Pelican’s Ecostay smart apartments come December as well.

Ecostay apartments which is domiciled inside Pelican Brief Estate, is a place where nature meets luxury – a Dubai away from Dubai, while the Greenish Acre is a vast expanse of arable and fertile land for farming activities with comfort in a good ambience located few meters off the estate.

It is a deliberate move to ignite the socio-economic activities of not only the estate, but the Kobape community and Ogun State at large.

The apartment project has a building approval and the document reflecting the approval has been reproduced on a flex for verification by interested members of the public and prospective clients.

The layout is also planned to have a skid gas station, recreation centres, lounge, restaurant and club while the buildings to be constructed there will serve as let-out apartments for tourists and visitors. This will enable landlords in the estate to get rental incomes.

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